Hello everyone. We are going to temporarily disable sign-up on Monday (May 16th) morning. The lack of completed help documentation and a number of bugs, both large and small, have caused a lot of frustration on your end. Ok, so what are we going to do about it you ask?
  1. First things first if anyone would like a 100%, no questions asked, refund just let us know. We will make this clear on the website but neither Robyn nor I would ever think of not refunding money to someone who’s unhappy with what we’ve provided. Ever.
  2. Current users who stay in beta with us will not be charged their yearly maintenance fee for 3 years which also means that over the next 72 hours, you will all be refunded your initial maintenance fee. Existing users will also be fixed at their existing yearly rate for life after the 3-year period.
  3. We are going to enter a state of beta. We are going to double our efforts to address current and future issues. Current users will still have full access and continue to take part in shaping the application. You can use as much, or as little, of RS as you’d like. We will continue to release bug fixes on an aggressive pace while also focusing on completing the help documentation.
  4. We will re-open for signup when our beta users tell us we are ready. Our gut tells us to aim for the start of next quarter however it will ultimately be up to our beta users.
Part of the reason for this shift is to also relieve enough pressure to allow us the time to re-establish our quick turnaround time from a communication standpoint. Rather than respond to every email, we’ve been directly incorporating fixes. This will be evident in the next release which will be dropping Monday morning in tandem with the closure of signup. There will be a general price increase for both the license and yearly support fee. As mentioned above, customers who stay in beta with us will not have to worry about it. You’re in and your rate is locked.
How much of an increase? Most likely close to double for both the license and yearly fee. The reason is because the scope has grown significantly. Since launch we’ve learned of a fairly large sub-set of WinUSR users who could never really use it “as-is” because of local practice nuances. They had to limp by simply because it was better than handwriting or cobbling together 3 other applications to attempt to do the same thing. The original functional objectives revolved around ensuring that we covered WinUSR’s capabilities while supporting the latest AO reporting updates. Of course architecting the application so that you can access the information on anything with an internet connection was also key. We then decided to layer in the time tracking and payment processing based on the overwhelming amount of requests resulting from our survey responders. We assumed based on WinUSR being our blueprint, we’d catch anything extra in the official survey that went out. The survey feedback was fantastic however we shouldn’t have taken our blueprint so literally without gathering far more feedback.
In the end, Robyn and I would much rather have a very small user-base who are extremely happy as opposed to every reporter under the sun whose only marginally pleased with our work. Without this shift, we are headed for the latter. If you haven’t signed up yet and want to help shape this application at a discounted rate (for life) let’s do it, but do it before Monday. For those of you who’d rather hold off entirely, we understand completely.
Once again thank you for all of your support!
-Mike & Robyn


  1. Katie Wirt

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Cheryl Cummings

    Happy to do beta testing.

  3. Melissa Merenberg

    Good morning. Is it too late for me to sign up for the $199 price? Thanks.

    • reportersuite

      Thanks for your interest Melissa! We’ve emailed you directly at the address you used to add the comment.

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