Hello everyone,

The USCRA conference was a blast! We received a ton of positive feedback and suggestions. This was the first time since launch that we were able to hear reporters share their Reporter Suite experience with each other. We were deeply humbled by your excitement and willingness to share your thoughts and enthusiasm with others. Below are a few of the items you can expect to see implemented in the coming days based on your feedback:

  • The ability to add a “note” to time entries.
  • Time entries created without requiring an AO reporting oriented category for tax write-off purposes etc.
  • A “total time” column added to the time section which calculates time spanning all categories that day.
  • The ability for folks to apply a custom name for each reporting category (i.e. you could change “Non-Salary Compensated Transcribing” to something that makes more sense to you. The reports will be unaffected because under the hood it will still log as a 9a entry in that scenario).
  • Ability to run a gross receipts report against a specific firm.
  • Split bill invoicing.
  • Allowance for non-numeric characters to be entered in the deposit check number field.
  • Sorting of firm names alphabetically by default in every situation where you’d need to select from a list of firms.
  • In settings, the ability to specify the range (year to date vs. current quarter vs. all time) that the dashboard color widgets apply to.
  • A few more that came in shortly before we started prepping for the conference.
Thanks so much for such a warm welcome. We’ll send out a separate email when this latest batch of edits is in. These are running in tandem with our payment processing implementation!

Lastly, we’ve enabled the ability for you to leave a review on our Facebook page. For those of you that are users, we’d love it if you’d be willing to give us a rating and write a sentence or two about your experience with RS. It can be found on our Facebook page under “Reviews” here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ReporterSuite/reviews/

Your Reporter Suite Team

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